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Arcade Machine Project

Written 11/28/2011

Within the first week of my arriving at school, my roommate and I wanted to make our own arcade machine, complete with my own game. We had a Joust arcade machine on floor, and that served as our model. I planned on developing my own fighting game to run on it, but until that was finished, the machine was to have custom menu software to launch various classic arcade and console games (that, believe it or not, I actually own physical copies of)

I don't really have a buildlog, but here are various images taken throughout development with some comments.

I'm now working on writing the game itself, which is just barely in alpha-type playable stages.

The joust machine model

Penciling out the sides 1

Penciling out the sides2

Getting started cutting

Cutting some

More cutting

Julian's portrait

My turn!

Sanding down the corners

Basic frame assembled, monitor mounted

Back shot

Speakers mounted in top panel

Mouting audio amplifier, and the top light works

Throwing on a test image, it works!

Finding somealuminum to hold the marquee in

Marquee plexi mounted

Monitor braces installed

Top installed, it's starting to look more like a cabinet

Button holes cut, joystick plate area routed out to compensate for thickness

Control panel assembled

Control panel fit test

Painting the panel

Painting the panel 2

All controls installed in the panel

Routing the sides with a slot cutter bit for T-Molding

Not perfect, but it'll work

Preparing to paint it

Painting 1

Painting 2 - one side done!

Painting 3 - me starting side #

Painting 4

Painting 5

Painting 6 - both sides done, inner edges done too

Painting 7 - all done

Super excited

Installing the sweet piano hinge

Installing the sweet piano hinge 2

Showing how it hinges down

Hinges 2

All finished up with the multi-game setup

Close-up of Fantasy Zone 2 DX

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