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Setting up Gendev (SGDK) on Debian

Written 3/5/15

Gendev is a companion project to SGDK to facilitate setting up a working GCC-based Sega Megadrive/Genesis toolchain under a unix-like operating system environment.

Unfortunately, the installation guide for Gendev has never quite worked for me. Only a few changes are needed to make it work, so I thought I would outline what I did that made it work for me.

Dependencies are svn and gcc. In debian you likely already have gcc, but the build-essential and subversion packages should get you what you need.

Now, pull gendev, just like in the instructions:

$ svn checkout http://gendev.googlecode.com/svn/trunk/ gendev-read-only
$ cd gendev-read-only

Here the first change is introduced. If you just run make, it will fail, as the makefile for GCC treats all warnings as errors (Werror). So, we will override that:

$ CFLAGS="-g -O2 -Wno-error" make

Sit back, give it a while to build GCC. After the tools are set up comes the second change.

$ sudo su
# . /home/{your username}/.gendev
# cd sgdk
# make install

That should get you all set up. Copying the skeleton project and using it is the same.

This guide is moslty for my own reference, as I've set this up a few times and forgotten where I went wrong and what I had to do to fix it. Perhaps others will find it useful, and surely many more will point out a better solution.

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