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Ghost in the Machine is published on Steam!

Written 4/15/15

My game Ghost in the Machine has finally reached Steam, and is slated to come out next week on 4/22/15. The game has taken almost 3 years to make, so I'm glad it's finally wrapping up.

I've learned a lot about game development, Steam Greenlight, and the struggles of developing an indie game. A lot of this game's time was spent learning the various technologies used. If I was going to set out to make a new game, I would not expect it to take so long.

The value in proper planning and software structural design becomes evident when you have to edit code you wrote two years ago, when you were first learning a language. This is another thing that would be immediately improved if I was working on another title.

Anyway, I hope this game hasn't taken all the game out of me. I'd like to make more in the future.
Here's the Steam link: http://store.steampowered.com/app/363220

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