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Written 12/30/14

My name is Michael Moffitt and I am a Computer Engineering Technology student at RIT. I am a member of the Computer Science House, and have always occupied much of my spare time doing personal projects and learning new things. I have a strong interest in audio/video processing and signaling, and many of my projects involve these topics in some way. I'm used to writing about my projects, but have done considerably less writing about myself.

I got into electronics by taking apart things as a kid, and I got into soldering at a pretty early age. In high school I was into Game Boy modding, mostly working with backlights and improving the screen's contrast. Towards the end I gained more interest in programming and did much more of that in college. I've learned a great deal of what I know through game hardware, though that doesn't mean my skills are constrained to that interest.

I like a lot of old technology in addition to newer developments. Sometimes I think that the rapid progression of consumer technology may inhibit low-level familiarity and skill from a developer perspective, so I appreciate platforms where creators must make creative design choices and solutions to create interesting products. Old video game consoles are great platforms for these sorts of innovations.

Recently I have been enjoying programming in C, working on FPGA-based video capturing/scaling devices in VHDL, and sound synthesis. I have and always will enjoy creating music - I played Jazz vibraphone for about 7 years from middle to high school, and picked up an interest in synthesizers around the 7th grade.

This site has some of my projects for which I try to do an informative writeup, however brief. This website is generated by a project of mine called MicroLog, which is on my Github page.

Here are some useful links:
My current resume
My LinkedIn page
My Github page
The Steam Greenlight page for Ghost in the Machine
The Ghost in the Machine soundtrack which I made

My contact information is in my resume if you'd like to get in touch.

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