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SNES to SFC Cartridge Adapter

Written 3/5/2013

I brought back a Super Famicom from Japan, but I do have a few US SNES cartridges that simply won't physically fit in the SFC. I could remove the top shell, or cut it, but I would like it assembled and maim-free, so the solution was to have an adapter. Oddly such adapters aren't common any more and are prohibitively expensive - an old Honey Bee adapter seems to go for $60 upwards on eBay or what have you - so naturally the solution was to grab an SFC game I did not care for and slap a cartridge slot on top of it, Game Genie style.
First this Super Genjin 2 cart had most of its PCB cut off and the traces cut to lead nowhere, and the cartridge slot had wires soldered to it:
After the first test was a success, it is closed up into an SFC shell:

Eh, Sunset Riders is overrated...
I didn't connect the extra pins on the sides used for things like the Super Game Boy as no US games I have need them, and they all have SFC versions.

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